Revel in Araucan traditional food in Campo Alegre Ranch!

Campo Alegre’s cooking is well represented by several women from Arauca whose culinary knowledge has passed down from generation to generation. The cooking keeps the customs and traditions of the plains through elements that are part of its history and that at the time played an important role. For example: It preserves an old mortar with its respective pestle to grind beef or some grains, among them, coffee and corn.

Another attractive element is the clay stove that gives the Arauca recipes a unique flavor. On it, there are three topias placed forming a triangle. Firewood is inserted in each space, carefully picked for special occasions.

You will enjoy a good coffee of the plains (cerrero) or traditional dishes of the region, such as beef pisillo, fresh or dried fried meat, seasoned rice, plantain or banana fried slices, sancocho (soup), fried or roasted pork, cachapas (crumpets) or corn cakes, seasoned or fried fish, among them, coporo.